Andrew R. Ochadlick, Jr., Career Physicist

– one does not choose science, science acquires you –


Interesting Physics

"Wiggles" in Comet Tails, Ship Tails (i.e, turbulent wake) and Contrails

Physics Videos: Titles and Youtube links

(For more videos do a Google search for: Ochadlick Youtube)

  • Telescope Resolution via the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle View
  • Solar Constant from Stefan–Boltzmann Law View
  • Bode’s Law and Pluto View
  • Part I: Symmetry for E&M, Submarine Signals, Conservation Laws and Parity View
  • Steradians, Radians Squared, Degrees Squared as Solid Angles View
  • Orbital Velocity of Star SO-2 (S2) Around Sagittarius A*

  • General Relativity Gravitational Field Strength Argued from Redshift

  • Part I Eddington Limit: Feeding Constraint on Supermassive Black Holes

  • Part I: Do we live in a Black Hole?